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Daniel Mayes
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Daniel Mayes A gem of an album. Sting-esque vocals with some dynamite songwriting. The Reunion will get you in and if it does, then I highly recommend making the effort to get to know the other songs. This one sat on my wishlist for some time and I'm so glad I picked it up in the end! Favorite track: The Reunion.
Roy Meerkamper
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Roy Meerkamper Nice indie music - tuneful, good vocals and harmony, well constructed. Favorite track: The Reunion.
Dr. Beaf
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Dr. Beaf Vessels is a bit of a break through from what is already a band with a fine catalog of tunes. It's intriguing where this album has come from in terms of good quality rock full of structure, thought and wholesome creativity. Tracks are split into many parts and phrases bound into a tapestry of wonderful textures using various thread types with amazing production. A very well balanced album.
Matthew Blanchard
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Matthew Blanchard Improved on every aspect of Everything at Once to create a more varied and even better album. Likely the final amazing album to come out in 2014. Favorite track: We Got Away.
Sammyboo thumbnail
Sammyboo Another amazing album by Stellar Young. Their music just speaks to me on a personal level and really makes me feel reminiscent of the past. Favorite track: Former Life.
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released December 16, 2014

erik flora, john glenn, kyle hatch, curt mulick and dave parker

additional percussion played by joe palazzo
trombone on former life played by bryan brundidge
choir vocals performed by: leigh parker-ordish, geppi laia, deanna deluke, melli rose, roseanna grimaldi

all music written by STELLAR YOUNG
produced by dave parker
mixed by michael birnbaum and chris bittner at applehead recording in woodstock, ny
mastered by chris athens
recorded at applehead recording
additional recording in our apartments

layout and typography by john glenn
album artwork by amanda marie eilis king


all rights reserved



STELLAR YOUNG Albany, New York

inspired by the human condition.

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Track Name: The Reunion
we are a broken arm
with no cast
acting like nothing's wrong
and outlasting
don't you dare (don't you dare)
give up on this
when i turn grey
and you turn grey
we'll see what we've made

just go a little further now
never stop
just go a little further with me
let's go until we're
laughing at the years that's passed us by
and learning how to finally live our lives

we are the very fall
that's breaking us
unsure how it starts
and it's gone
don't look back
i won't look back
we'll find our own way
it all turns out
the way it tuns out
the awaiting is painful
Track Name: Hitting Reset
before you all break a promised start
before you fell and you thought
how on your own would be again
oh and it's scarcely noted
we can have it all
we can have it all
the world in our hands
was an honest thought

i want a song that brings me back
before the world went on attack
and nervousness was all that we had
and it's all so different now
i don't know what it takes
i don't know what it takes at all

is it enough just to want it bad?
standing here as you beg for one more night
again again
and now you've lost all reason
like we lost our minds
yeah we lost our minds
when there are no cards left to stack
let the bases fall

i want a song that cheers me up
all the things that i love so much
are the things that are falling apart
at my touch
and it's all so different now
i don't know what it takes
i don't know what it takes at all
Track Name: Little Specs
bodies might
know all you won't ever see
living stories of where we come from and
passed the rest
passed the heavenly nothing
away from all the rain and ways we've been
pull you out of...
let's sail out in the water
growing from gradual waves
i see there you go
loud and so radical
i'm who brought you out away

real love
started from the ground
don't look down my darling
here's us
burning at our best
on our own

here we are
so god damned temporary
before we burn out
take you out in the
dead of a hungry night
i'm alright to turn loose to the sea and
get you started
so proud and so gullible
i'll throw rocks
you swim away

here's us
sprawled across the ground
don't look now my darling
here's us
burning at our best
on our own my darling
on our own
Track Name: Box of Echoes
pull your heaven from the back
from dusty boxes
hold your stare a little longer
you are much more than i have right now
if we ever live again
may us be here
i hate to think it's one time
hate to think we'll never be again

oh my
why do i feel this way?
(saying how)
all the time
the ways you take my life

like smoke we never will go back
into the places we came
we're forever getting thinner
there is a piece of us everywhere
if we ever live again
may us be here
i hate to think it's one time
hate to think we'll never be again

i don't wanna start again
but if i ever do
i'm finding a way
i'm getting to you
Track Name: Nomad
i see it down your road
i found you lonely pining
how dare you tell her i'll let go
i see you roam in the night

make me alone again
i'm traveling nightly
i see what we are now
bunch of carbon copies
make me of stone again
i'll never go lightly
i'll take what you got now
that you're hardly holding

i see your solar eyes
what's best i guess you know
(i guess you know)
for me
i see your pleasure go
i see right through your door
Track Name: Red Lights
in the sooner state
searching for a name
hurting to find a way
through the storm

show me all you got
miss electric heart
take me inside your home
in the south

cope the way she knows
heats her as it goes
dress all your marks in clothes
no one knows

i can't find you now
i can't get you out
and what you sent to me
there's no more

say goodbye to the red lights
we don't need you anymore
leaving the world and
that skin you wore

say goodbye to the feeling
that your feet rest on the floor
because all that will hold you
you'll just ignore

while i'm here please use me well
my beating heart
my every cell
all in the skyline
and leaving farewells
i've said it once
oh you're better off
oh you're better off
Track Name: Helen, I...
pull me out
i'm pouring out my skin
to get my body sewn
trauma threw your heart into the night
holding out to find you here again

you're coming out alive
through all the fallen
let it up
your ache enough
your body light

helen, i...
i'm leaving here tonight
under the clinic lights
stay in here until i'm gone and ice
stay is all we know and all we're fed

you're coming out alive
through all the fallen
let it up
your ache enough
your body light

i've been left out
i'll wait and i will hold
and what i get
i won't forget
or let you go
Track Name: We Got Away
where'd all our time go?
it went with every breath out
we lived on laughter
we ate the tears of motion
it's coming back now
it's more than you can carry
here come a moment
let us make it as it happens

we could lose it all
but we'll still have this
our prints on our places
spent time
on our faces

where is your freedom?
you used to be so wild
climbed all the roof tops
fell as the sun was rising
when we get out there
when we have left our longing
show me a moment
let me know it as it happens

we got away and we played in the ocean
in the waves we lied
all bare and high
we walked a ways
and drank warmth in the sunlight
in the waves we lied
all bare and high
don't wanna leave
can we stay till october?
in the waves we'll lie
all bare and high
Track Name: Keep Up
hey there, embarrassed and shown
who is the glue to your phone?
should have stayed at home

there is a fever around
it shapes the air and the sound
i feel it almost break

keep up the dancing
and your pictures
if we can fix it
then we'll laugh about it in the future
with the lights on and a wise tongue

back to your turret again
you light it up for nothing
all you know is now

the air is thick with a tension
but it's thin with intent
i wonder how it ends

sealed off with a head in warning
we've seen that the wall is falling
you won't see us get upset
Track Name: Amity
that freckle tried to eat my mother
that bubble tried to pop my father
but we still have each other right now
holding on
just vessels holding on
these kids put holes in each other
blood where they played tag together
and as the ground streams velvet
they cry out
i guess that i don’t blame them
i’d probably do the same thing

you’re sad you’re scared you’re hurting
but what’s the point of worry?
“i’ve got my friends until the end”

my heart keeps swimming
keep float my dreams my living
but i’ll still put it all out there
because maybe i’ll get it right
maybe i got it right

hold on
go find yourself
because i found mine
in someone else
Track Name: Former Life
we made us a home
from shambles and ash
we colored the walls
and cleaned up the glass
and you took me in

we pulled out the past
and made it a statue
we tore it apart
it wanted to fall
so we could get up

please hold me to this
with light hearted fists
and don't let me slip
for me this is it
just wanted to love

no holding back when it comes to former lives
i know it's hard to say it
if you could would you live your past again?
i'm good right in the moment

had you known would you want that former life?
because i want it too
no better than you
just wanted to love

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